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The Adoption of Robots in Business Operations

Innovative companies are turning to robots as solutions to every day struggles. Avoda steps up to guide enterprises in the automation journey. Our solutions provide companies with the confidence and innovation they are looking for.

  • Incredible Avoda Support Team
  • Autonomous Mapping & Navigdation
  • Lidar and Radar Obstacle Avoidance

Our Robots and Businesses

Minimum Efficiency Improvement
Up to 12 hours of battery life, for non stop work.
0 Hr.
96 Hour Support / Replacement time (*location dependant)
Charging Stations

Fast and Safe Charging

Powerful chargers

Charging Stations for Public Locations

Moving Forward

We are making the future your reality

Embracing the New Ideas

usa locations
Robots around the world

Global Growth

We continue to grow and expand into new markets, with new customers, and unique robotic solutions

Convenient & Reliable

Control Your Charger with Our App

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Robot reviews -

From Our World

Our waiter spent much more personal time, definitely less rushed, plus our food arrived faster even at peak time.

Stella Chase

New York

The water had 6 arms! Our anniversary dinner main course all came at once with one waiter. It was fun for the kids and definitely a site to see.

Walter Rice

Los Angeles

The charging station works fine, without interruptions. The station is powerful and charges quickly. You can save on fuel, as well as not pollute the environment. I hope that soon the electric motor will replace the use of fuel altogether.

Andrew Morris

PR Manager

The technicians are knowledgeable and I’ve found that the cost isn’t much different from other stores, overall I saved my time and all the hassle to look for services to install charging stations.

Natalie Jones

Sales Manager

I ordered the installation of a charging station, I was contacted immediately to discuss the details. The station was quickly and successfully installed. Excellent communication, excellent service and at a reasonable price.

Brian Woods

Business Coach