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Server Robot Helping Customers and Restaurants

Server Robots and Your Staff

This year was an enormous one for waiter and server robots, those self-driving trays on wheels that shuttle food or dishes from the staging area to the tables and take your empty dishes back. Yes, the pandemic closed several restaurants within the U.S., however companies like Avoda all generated popularity with their simple autonomous service bots. This Past year there have been many establishments looking into a Server Robot Helping Customers and helping their staff.

All of these autonomous robots are meant to work with an individual to assist in the transfer of food to the tables or clean up dirty dishes and place them back on the robot. 

You can see a quick video here of the operations of an autonomous robot.

That video solely shows off the bussing and serving  features of the server or busser robot, and that capability is just the basic start for uses in a restaurant. 

An individual’s would be able to clear those tables in a fraction of the time since they can now “carry” many more dishes since the busser robot has at least 3 trays that can carry dishes. After the trays are full, an employee can just press 1 button, and the server robot will navigate itself back to the staging area or kitchen,

Server Robots and Staffing Data

In the food service industry, higher than almost all others, the hiring work and labor turnover rates are high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recent
numbers show that the quit rate for the food service industry has escalated from 4.8% to almost 7% in just one year. The result of that is a lot of time and resources poured into training and other costs, when they just might get up and leave soon. Server Robots and Robot waiters and bussers in restaurants and casinos will never leave or incur similar costs. They also reduce liability and  Waiter Robots can work much more than the average shift, 7 days a week and you won’t hear any words from your Robots .

The Best Robot Waiter at Avoda

At Avoda we have many Robot Waiter than can work at your restaurants, casinos, assisted living facilities and more.  The Bella Bot is one of the best robot waiters currently available. For restaurants and the like, the best robot waiter will probably be the Bella since it has the most advanced technology for navigating as well as obstacle avoidance.

If your company would like to learn more and schedule a demo with robot waiters or busser robots, you can reach out to our dedicated customer team at +1 (646) 494-6771 or at