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Server Robot One

One of our best & most refined robots, this robot waiter / robot waitress uses an intelligent cloud-based system for communication and processing such as automatic map management, route planning and automatically coordinating the deliverables, to where they need to go. Everything is done on the state of the art touch screen that this robot boasts. It’s very user friendly and does not require technical savvy to get going. See it in action here.

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Our base & the most popular machine. This robot comes with three trays, each capable of carrying up to 20LB / 10KG. As like most of our robots, this one will automatically go to it’s charging doc when it “feels” it is low on battery.

The robot waiter has multiple sensors. The delivery robot has a deeply generated obstacle avoidance algorithm. The system can understand the real time environmental changes around it and will bypass obstacles in any planning path. In addition, the robot waiter will autonomously go on the most optimal route to ensure that food and the like is delivered as fast as possible. These robots are increasingly finding their way into restaurants in various geographical locations, as well as in airports and shopping malls.