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When it comes to implementation, you can sit back. The Avoda team will handle every aspect of the robot implementation, whether it is the robot waiter, or any other robot. We will take care of the network set up and the mapping of the internal environment within your infrastructure. Safety is our number one priority. Before delivery, as well as when the robots arrive on premises, we test the robots to ensure that all obstacle avoidance systems are 100% online.

From Day One

Once you are set up, there is nothing left for you to do except watch. After our representatives have taken care of the initial steps, using the robot waiter as an example, you can start putting meals and/or trays, and instructing the robot waiter to delivery or buss dishes and meals.

Should you have any further questions, requests, comments, or the like, you can always contact us.

Larger Operational Systems

Larger operations usually start with a few, 5 or 10 robots, then our customers start to scale up. Especially with robot waiters, customers realize the value quickly, and will bring on more robot waiters, or other machines to continue assisting their workforce. The employees, customers, and managers all benefit from the company operating at a higher level.