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Nevada Robot Waiters and Bussers

Robot waiters in Nevada and Las Vegas

In recent years, more and more restaurants across the state of Nevada have been using robots to do everything from cooking to cleaning. However, there is one new trend that is getting Nevada restaurant owners excited: robot bussers and waiters.

As the price of labor continues to climb and hiring becomes more difficult, many businesses are turning to technology as a simpler solution. In Nevada, Las Vegas has a tremendous hospitality industry, ranging from hotels, to restaurants, and casinos. With the increasing cost of labor, combined with the labor shortage, they are forced to look outward to stay ahead of their operating costs. Robot waiters in Nevada and Las Vegas are becoming more of a common sight as they are a low cost solution

robot waiter nevada busser

Restaurants, Casinos, and Hotel Operating Expenses’

According to the National Restaurant Association, labor costs account for the largest portion of a hospitality establishments operating expenses. As more and more businesses use robots as waiters and busser robots, they are finding themselves more immune to the labor shortage, and forced wage increases.

In Nevada, where restaurants are exploring robot bussers and waiters, minimum wage rose from $8.25 an hour in 2018 to $9.50 an hour this year—bringing it closer in line with what some economists say should be considered a living wage. There will be an increase next year as well. Inflation is accounting for all cost of goods to increase as well.

A Robot Busser and Robot Waiter Experience in Las Vegas.

As waitress showed up to their table, a couple sitting there was surprised to see another waiter. An autonomous robot busser just behind the waiter, holding dishes in it’s large four trays. The waitress smiled, delivered all their dishes on to the table, and pressed 1 button as the robot busser scooted back to the kitchen.