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How much does an Avoda robot cost

Avoda Robot Server Waiter Cost Robots are being used across many different sectors to simplify and upgrade the operations of menial tasks. They also offer additional labor to an existing manpower infrastructure. The restaurant, casino, and hotel industries are a few the sectors witnessing this revolution –  to the credit of robot waiters, waitresses, robot servers, bussers. Transparency is very important to us and here we are going to go through details of what an Avoda Robot Server or Waiter Costs.

The Cost Benefit of Avoda Waiter Robots

The high levels of service, consistently expected of businesses, is a tremendous use case for a robot waiter or waitress. They will do the shuffling of dishes back and forth, as well as giving your staff a few extra hands. You might believe that this can compromise the quality of service in your establishment. It is totally the opposite in robot waiters and waitresses.

The Cost of Robot Waiters and Bussers

Avoda’s pricing is incredibly competitive, with no service or implementation costs. The average robot waiter or busser from Avoda costs around $1,800-$3,500 a month with no added fees or charges.  Some companies charge that amount just in monthly maintenance charges, stacked on top of the actual product costs. For example,  the BellaBot Robot – primarily for restaurants, casinos and the like, is an average of $2,000 a month, no extra costs.

Labor and Staffing Cost Control

To add human waiters or bussers to your staff can cost almost triple that, just in salary. No hiring or training costs, or added liability with a robot waiter or busser. The cost of the robot waiters themselves are low to begin with. The extra staff will help you analyze, and give you insight into where your resources truly need to be invested. Robot waiters, among everything else, will help you control your costs better.

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