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Why Casinos are using Robot Waiters on the Floor

Over the past two years, the casino industry has accelerated its digital transformation. Apps, QR codes, self-ordering, and general advanced digital technology are omnipresent in gaming establishments. An additional technology is being added: Robot Waiter Servers for Casinos, restaurants, and similar establishments are lending a hand to the team. They are the next revolution.

Robot waiters should be in every casino because of the benefits they bring to owners, managers, staff, and patrons.

The Personal Touch

Many times, we think of technology diminishing the personal touch in our day to day. It is proven however, that when technology alleviates menial work in the hospitality businesses, the staff has more time to spend with the customers. For example, it’s proven that robot waiters increase spending & time spent in casinos. Since the robots can not be tipped, and the staff can spend more time with each customer, everyone wins.

It’s proven that robot waiters & the similar, increase spending & time spent in casinos

Containing Safety

In times where we need to limit person to person contact, robot waiters come in to play as well. They minimize the amount of touches that go around surfaces while playing or eating in a casino. Robot Waiter Servers for Casinos can positively effect this and many other details.