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Busser Robot Restaurant Staffing

Robot Restaurant Staffing

Robot servers and waiters are very popular in the United States. In New York especially, there are many restaurants using robot waiters to help with staffing. In addition, many casinos and restaurants are also using robots to help bus tables. Using robot waiters and server to help bus tables makes it easier for staff to clean and focus on the customers. Robot Restaurant Staffing is gaining attraction.

The robots can increase the time it takes for restaurant and casino staff to turn over tables, which results in faster seating time for guests. These activities are only some of the affects that a robot waiter can have on any establishment. In the backround of all this, as a result of robot waiters, staffing costs and issues of labor shortages can be mitigated .

robot waiter staffing and hiring

Food Service and Staffing Robots

In the food service industry, a little more than others, hiring and labor turnover rates are high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ November data shows that the quit rate for the foodservice industry has grown from 4.8% to nearly 7% in one year. That means that all the new staff needs to be onboarded and trained, while they just might get up and leave soon. Robot waiters and Robot bussers in restaurants and casinos will never leave. The Robot waiters will also work more than your average shift, 7 days a week and you won’t hear a word from your Robot waiter.

The Best Robot Waiter at Avoda

At Avoda we have many Robot Waiter than can work at your restaurants, casinos, assisted living facilities and more.  The Bella Bot is one of the best robot waiters currently available. For restaurants and the like, the best robot waiter will probably be the Bella since it has the most advanced technology for navigating as well as obstacle avoidance.

Staffing and Waiter Robots Summary

In conclusion, it was determined that robot waiters servers function effectively as “runners” in a higher end dining room settings.

One hesitation that is presented sometimes is that Robot Waiters have the potential to eliminate or reduce customer engagement and satisfaction. While we see that point, implementations have in fact shown that customers seemed to enjoy seeing the waiter robot. It’s a differentiator for your business and one they will remember and talk about.

Using the robot as a busser robot and kitchen runner at these facilities allows the servers and hosts to remain on the dining room floor along with the customers. This ensures that orders are taken in a timely manner, food is delivered quickly, and customers are assigned to a table with less delay.

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The success of food server robots in a residential healthcare setting will likely be determined by the dining department’s ability to utilize the technology effectively to create operational efficiency and cost reductions.

If your company would like to learn more and schedule a demo with robot waiters or busser robots, you can reach out to our dedicated customer team at +1 (646) 494-6771 or at