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Powering your Innovation

Bring Innovation Into Your Businesses

Hours of Battery Life
Implementation Time
8080 -Hours
No Commitment

Businesses + Automation are the present & the future.

1. The robot is connected to your local network

2. A digital map is generated

3. Instructions are set – then go time.

Part of our implementation process is the layout mapping.

Depending on the machine, anywhere between 10 to 20 hours.

Yes, many companies will use one type of robot across a team, such as five robot waiters. In cases where a businesses requests robot waiters, as well as disinfectants – The robots will “recognize” each other and will not conflict.

Robot waiters are commonly used for bussing dishes, lending an “extra hand” to servers, and revolutionizing the dining experience.

Safety is our top priority, both for our customers, and for their customers. Each of our machines, have the most advanced camera and lidar technology for obstacle avoidance and safe navigation. We stay up to date with the latest technological advancements in the space and share them with our customers.

Work Better

Work Smarter

Modern Solutions

Level Up Your Operations

No Progamming

No programming or code needed to get up and running.

Obstacle Avoidance

Safety is ours and our robots, top priority.

Support & Service

Once you become a partner, we take care of you.

Auto Recharge

Never worry about low battery.
Customer Reviews

What Our Partners Have to Say

I purchased a charging station for electric vehicles. Thank you for good service!

Imogene Martin

Imogene Martin

СEO, Business Co

Recently ordered a connector for my station. It works without interruptions!

Mary Blake

Mary Blake

СEO, Business Co

The station is installed well, also thank you for the competent consultation.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

PR Manager

I am very happy with the performance of my new charging station.

Mark Stivens

Mark Stivens

PR Manager
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